28 Perfect Matches in 2015 !!!


MS’s MacClintock arrives!

Our First foal at the new ranch…

MS’s MacClintock was born September 18 at 10:32 p.m.  Here are the videos:

MacClintock Birth (Ken’s View)

MacClintock Birth (Nina’s View)


My Little Trick Rider


Here is my liittle trick rider, Laila Cruz.  I put her horse up on the stump turned around and this is what she did!!  My sister said she saw it in a movie!!  She is definitely my blood!!  LOVE her!!  MORE …


A Day with the Nieces



Day with the nieces!!  My little sister Christi Peterson brought Laila Cruz,  Olive, Gracie and Daly out for an afternoon with their Titi Mindy (aunt in Portuguese).   Read more …





By Spanish Sundown out of MCF’s Dawns Twinklin Star this gorgeous grulla colt is just what I ordered!! Possibly a stallion prospect,  I am looking forward to watching him grow up!!

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By Motown out of Rocket’s Rowdy Ria this solver buckskin filly is just perfect.  Four white socks and a “really cool” face marking she is the apple of my eye!!  Here she is with the nieces……  What is cuter than foals and children??

Take a look here …

We had a great Kids’ Day on April 5!

Take a look …


German Update


Early September brought Tilman(Bonni) Gromica again to the US to stay with us at Freedom Ranch to search for the perfect stallion and another great mare to complete the German program.   We started the month off with a trip to Petaluma to ride Point Reyes and see San Francisco.  Upon our return we boarded the plane for Kentucky to attend the International Rocky Mountain Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.   The first ranch we visited was Dick Robey’s Rockin Ridge Ranch.

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Is this not the cutest thing in the world!! Thank you Christi Petersen for letting my neices come spend the night with Titi Mindy!!






Here he is … Shad’s Cali-Boy!!

Born May 8 at 11:36pm.  He looks just like his poppa Maine V’s Shadrach.  Thank to Wyatt Robertson and our wonderful neighbor Jocelyn for attending the foaling as I was out on a pack trip.  I am very happy with this young colt and look forward to watching him grow and learn!!





Going International


The first Rocky Mountain Horses arrived on German soil and look very content!!!


Early this year I was contacted by a gentleman from Germany by the name of Michael Kowalewski.  He had been studying the Rocky Mountain Horse for years and wanted to share them with the German people.  After various emails he and his wife made their way to Freedom Ranch on April 10th,  2011.  It looked really good because this just happened to be the week of the West Coast Rocky Mountain Horse Clubs annual campout…….  and that Sunday just happened to be the Obstacle Course Competition at my ranch.  We had an extremely difficult state-of-the-art course in the the front pasture (designed by yours truly and constructed by my wonderful partner Neil Bewley) with 50 plus Rocky Mountain Horses competing successfully on it.  I was on our amazing stallion, Maine V’s Shadrach giving rides to all the kids.  SOLD!!!

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The Ranchita Rocky


The Next Level In Rocky Mountain Genetics

Raising a foal can be the most rewarding experience. Mindy Smith Equine Services has two signature stallions to enhance any breeding program. With mandatory gene testing and an educated staff we can help match your mare with the perfect mate and make the experience as safe and efficient as possible. Both artificial insemination and live cover available, as well as a safe, clean, foaling facility when that special time comes!!

Our Vision:


To cultivate and promote the world’s premiere Rocky Mountain bloodlines through disciplined genetic diversity and an absolute dedication to total equine wellness. We will preserve the Rocky’s endearing genetic traits while working to eliminate any undesirable heritable abnormalities.

To read more about our stallions, click here:

Maine V’s Shadrach          Purdue’s Bellagio   


Defining My Riding Style……



Not an easy task as it continues to evolve and transform as the horses ask me to. I want to teach people to ride so that their horse’s ears are always up and their hearts are open. My biggest reward is when I finally witness a rider relax their spine, disengage their hips, and exhale- becoming one with the rhythmic motion of the being beneath them. I prefer an arena with no rails. I ride with no boundaries. I use naturally occurring tools, like a steep bank as opposed to an arena rail to balance and straighten a horse out. I use each obstacle on the trail to demonstrate to my horse how as a team we can overcome each challenge. Patiently allowing them to make the right choices. Setting them up for success every time, timing my rewards and encouragements so they too are proud of their accomplishments. I promote harmonious group rides by understanding herd dynamics. Trail etiquette and conscience ride management will assure safety and contentment for each horse and rider combo. Using resistance free riding to teach a horse to keep adequate distances not holding them back.

I consistently do stretching and mounted body work before I start out on any venture. Thinking of the horse from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. I try to engage and manipulate every muscle and find it’s full athletic potential. Increasing the range of motion of each joint. I ride through intentions. Using my mind, body and legs before I even pick up my reins.

When riding the gaited horse I adopted a dressage mindset. Collecting the horse gently in my hands and driving them into the pressure with my legs. It is a very fine line between harnessing the head, neck, and shoulders of the horse, while keeping the rib cage bending and flexing, and driving the hind end or motor.image_riding_3

Just like humans, horses become right or left handed or hooved. Due to the lateral nature of their gait, the gaited horse’s dominant side is more apparent. If not vertically and laterally flexed this imbalance will create a hollow backed, high headed horse, that will drag its hind end. This horse will probably begin to pace and have unnecessary concussion on his joints and limbs. Horses take the path of least resistance, “the easy way.” So if we allow them to get “strung out” they will chose the pace or trot. If we collect and control the frame or placement of their body we can set them up for the gait every time.