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Judy Copanas

I had been a Morgan fan for 30 years, having had 2.  However, I had heard many wonderful things about the Rockies so I decided that was what I wanted for my next horse.  Cynthia Tippett had purchased a Rocky (Charlie) from Mindy and raved about how wonderful he was. I had heard similar stories from other Rocky owners.

So up the Mindy”s I went. Learning to gait was my first challenge, but once Mindy put me on Star (Storm), I figured it out. I changed her name to Star because “Storm” implies disturbed state of an environment or atmosphere generally leading to a negative impact on lives and property. Well, Star is anything but that. Star is safe, calm, sweet, gentle, well behaved and responsive.

Mindy picked the perfect horse for me to be able to enjoy our beautiful trails here in Montecito. Star has restored my confidence in trail riding again. Star is perfect on group rides as well as solo. I have had her a year now and she is extra special!

Thanks Mindy for doing such an incredible job of training her and matching us up. I can relax and enjoy riding again. I am so grateful.

Judy Copanas

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