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About Mindy

When Mindy Smith was just four years old she met her first teacher – a black Shetland by the name of Daisy May. After years of parades and pony clubs, her parents bought her a horse. Mindy immersed herself in every horse- related activity she could. She participated in just about every discipline of riding:  English, Western, Hunter Pleasure, and Jumpers; Team Penning, Endurance, Driving, Roping, and Dressage- you name it she rode it.  Until she found her element – Arenas with no fences – otherwise known as trail riding!!

After graduating from high school in 1993 Mindy went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she received her Bachelor of Animal Science Degree concentrating on Equine Sciences. While at Cal Poly she started working for world renown Arabian Horse breeder Sheila Varian. Under her expert tutelage and that of her ranch manager of 22 years, Angela Alvarez, Mindy learned the ins and outs of successfully maintaining a 150 + head horse business. After graduating Cal Poly Mindy moved onto Varian’s farm and worked as assistant breeding manager. Responsible for collection of stallions and breeding of mares as well as processing semen for shipment, Mindy assisted in more than 100 foaling. She also handled the care, handling, and training of those foals until they reached the age of three.Rocky Mountain Horses came into Mindy’s life in 1996 when two of the most incredible people she had ever met walked into the local steakhouse where she was employed. Gloria and Barney Northcote changed everything for Mindy. She drove to their house the next day with a horse, a bareback pad, a pocket full of dreams and miles to go. Mindy bought her first Rocky from the Northcotes soon thereafter – a troubled full brother to the International Champion Stallion Choco Dock.


Mindy’s instruction in horse care and management began nearly 30 years ago with a pony named Daisy and continues today with the help of Velvet and each new horse she trains.


- Dressage mindset to setting and training the gaited horse
- Mounted body work
- Promoting resistance free riding
- Teaching successful and harmonious group rides by understanding herd dynamics
- Mastering natural and human made trail obstacles
- Understanding and respecting proper trail etiquette between riders
- Understanding how to allow your horse to make the right choices 


Private 2+ Hour Lesson: $200.00
Group Lesson w/ 2 or More People: $150.00 Each


$500.00 a Week
- Includes Board and Training
- Horses that stay at least 1 month get 1 free lesson included!


Horses coming into MSES Sales Program must have a mandatory 2 weeks training with Freedom Horse Training:
- 20% Commission on Each Sale
- $30 a day for board and training

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