Looking for the perfect horse? I can help you unite with your ideal equine companion. Then assist you in establishing your bond and spreading your wings. Give us a call to find out the status of our current sale horse inventory. Let’s set up an appointment today to come out and ride one of our available horses. We also have a tremendous network available to help locate that perfect horse if we don’t have the right fit in our ranch herd. Call us to see how we can help!

If you are looking to place one of your equine friends. I can help market and interview potential families ... making certain that the new family has been prequalified as worthy horse owners.

By MCF’S Dynomite out of a Spanish Sundown mare this young man is ready to hit the trails!!  At only 4 years old he is as steady and safe as the come.  A fun guy to be around, he gets better every day!!


Asking Price: $13,000

By MCF’S Saturday Night Special out of a Reb’s Big Shot mare, this 6 year old mare is the glide ride!!  She is the 3 “S’s”.......Smooth sweet and safe!!  Easy to fall in love with!!


Asking Price: $12,750

This 18 year old Tennessee Walker is the perfect “husband horse.”  By Spotted Prince out of Knight’s Black Lace, Chance is an easy going, healthy fun guy!!  Level headed and strong he will go anywhere you point him!!


Asking Price: $4,000

“Alice” is a very cool young lady!!  Confident, friendly, sweet and just a joy to be around.  This 4 year old mare is by EWF Champagne Dreams out of a Toby’s Mandenca mare.  She loves to get out and loves head down the trail!!


Asking Price: $11,750

One of my favorite horses of all time.  Out of my favorite stallion, Maine V’s Shadrach, and my favorite mare, Green Farm’s Misty Morning, this 8 year old gelding is the dream horse.  Gentle enough for a child but he can give a seasoned rider an enjoyable ride.  He is a finished trail horse and ready to make you happy!!


Asking Price: $11,000

By Nicodemus F.J. out of a Magnum mare, this 12 year old is everything you want in a Rocky Mountain mare. Amazing gait and a gentle kind personality,  “Bella” is looking to put a permanent smile on your face!!!


Asking Price: $12,000

By Helen’s Sun out of a Maple’s Squirrel mare this young lady is bred to the hilt!!  This 6 year old mare wants to please and gaits up a storm!!  Sweet and smooth, and she aims to please!!


Asking Price: $10,500

This young 4 year old gelding is one of the best!!  By Strider’s Major Deal out of Klemontine’s Kallie this guy is so naturally gaited and so bold and fearless on the trail!!  A pocket pet with a love of the open road.   Wylie is a great guy!!


Asking Price: $13,000

This mare is as versatile as they come!!   A 14 year old by Ramblin Rex out of Wilson’s Brandy, she has done it all and done it well!!  Parades,  shows,  fox hunting,  camping, trail obstacle ... the sky is the limit with this mare!!  She also is impeccable bred and a proven broodmare!!


Asking Price: $12,500

This gorgeous chocolate palomino Tennessee Walker is the ultimate glide ride!!   He is 11 years old and there is nothing he won’t do!!   Tons of character and tons of fun!!


Asking Price: $6,500

This lovely 6 year old mare is by L.A. Bud out of a Fairwinds Rimington West mare.  This little lady is the perfect ladies mount.  She loves to explore and gaits like a dream.  She is a joy to be around and a pleasure to look at!!


Asking Price: SOLD

This gorgeous 7 year old mare is by my favorite stallion Maine V’s Shadrach out of Hope Springs Maderia.  This mare is bold and build like a tank!!  She loves people, has a smooth square gait and will take you anywhere!!


Asking Price: SOLD

By Sundown’s Black Shadow out of a Purdue’s Spellbound mare this young man is bursting with Personality!! Though only 4 years old he is very confident and bold and smooth and sweet!!  Hard not to fall in love with this guy!!


Asking Price: $13,500

This 4 year old gelding has the sweetest disposition and the most willing nature.  By Snow Man out of Black Summer Sky this young man will make someone the perfect forever friend!!  He loves to glide down the trail and though young he handles like a seasoned mount!!


Asking Price: $12,750

This 13 year old mare is a steady solid gorgeous lady.  By Chocolate Venture out of a Barlow Chief mare, she has the most natural gait and just floats down the trail.  The epitome of what a Rocky mare should be!!


Asking Price: SOLD

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