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Kris Barnes and Sam

Mindy Smith has the rare talent of being an excellent horsewoman and also being able to work with people and fill their needs. I purchased my Rocky Mountain horse “Silver Samurai” from her in April of 2012. Silver Samurai or “Sam” as we call him, has proven to be an amazing horse and wonderful riding partner. (I have had the joy of owning him for over a year now.) He is independent and brave on the trail and loves to go and go and go. He has the most amazing natural gait and travels as smooth as glass. Sam is friendly, trusting, has excellent ground manners, travels well, and gets along well in groups of horses. Where ever we ride people fall in love with Sam – he is quite stunning.

We recently completed our first limited distance ride of 25 miles at an AERC event. We both loved it! At the final vet check Sam pulsed down in 4 min. and received straight A’s in all areas. We couldn’t have achieved this without Mindy’s tutoring and encouragement. She does an excellent job of continuing her support even after you have purchased your horse. She really does want her horses and riders to be successful and happy.

Thank you Mindy for helping me find my forever friend and making it possible for me to reach my dreams.

Your forever grateful friends;

Kris Barnes and Silver Samurai

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