MS Marigold

This coming 4 year old silver buckskin is by BIPPITY BOPPITY BLUE out of Rocket's Rowdy Ria. She is sweet and sensitive and the skys the limit!! Wonderfully constructed with a quietly engaging personality, she is a special one!! Asking Price: $ 5,500

Li Mei and Sparrow (Annabelle)

LiMei is still glowing and enthusiastic about Sparrow. It’s heart warming to see. (I never really understood how good it would be for our relationship as well… now — that’s just thrilling!) - Holly Hudson-Louis Hi this is Li Mei!, Sparrow is doing great! I rode her today and yesterday after-school. My mom likes riding her too On Wednesday, we took Sparrow on a trail ride in the forest. I rode on a bareback pad and my mom lead her. She walked REALLY fast that day! Before we got her, we ordered some new things at “Half Circle Ranch” including a new blue halter which looks like this color blue. Our other horses here Faye and Sparrow like each-other! Faye got used to her the day after ( Tuesd

Karen Cohen and Sweet Little Magnolia

Let me tell you about Mindy Smith. Mindy is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of horses: breeding, training, and riding but what is so extraordinary is her dedication to her clients and her stated goal of finding a horse that is a perfect match. After riding my hot and unpredictable Arabian mare for 9 years I was a bit shell shocked and ready for a calmer and saner horse. A friend told me about Mindy and we set off to Arroyo Grande to try horses. Mindy had picked out three horses from her herd that she thought would be good candidates. The three of us set off on a long trail ride switching mounts throughout the ride and I narrowed it down to two horses and came back the following

Kathy Higdon and Indy

Mindy Smith saved my Rocky Experience. I wanted to try a gaited horse after a life time of riding Arabians. I picked the Rocky breed because of their brains and way of going. My husband bought me a 12 year old Rocky mare who was broke, but was being sold as a broodmare since she was spooky. We felt I would have no problem working with her since I had been riding/training my Arabs for 40 years. Well ….. It was a learning experience. After the first three rides, I had determined two things: 1) the Rocky gait was heaven on earth, and 2) this mare needed a lot of ground work to overcome her distrust of people to make her safe just to mount and dismount. I spent the next 1 1/2 years worki


Hi Mindy! I’m so sorry, I’ve been meaning to email you, it’s just been an insanely busy week since we got back, and then to top it off, I go up to the ranch EVERY day because I can’t be without my sweet little girl. Plus I take her out and groom her, have saddled/bridled her just so she doesn’t forget. Haven’t actually ridden her yet But I wanted her to get comfortable in her new surroundings first… Uhhhh, no, not a chance I’m changing my mind :0) She’s my love!!!! K, so we named her Destiny :0) Figured that was appropriate. She’s doing great. Took her out ponied yesterday, with a saddle on her. Used Wiz. He was great and she was perfect. First thing she sort of spooked at was the

Natalie Hodge

She Rocks!!! Mindy Smith has changed my life. I started out riding 30 years ago as a student of Dressage, and moved on the Competitive Trail and multi day mountain riding/camping with horses. I had been riding gaited horses before I met Mindy, but I really got to know her, and her training methods when she started a 4 year old Rocky I had bought.He is a very sensitive gelding who does not like pressure and he has been so interesting to train. She uses the pull and release system…lots of time spent in the release of pressure as a reward… and she teaches the horse and their riders how to use their bodies, and frame the horse to gait, feel where their feet are, and her methods compliment all th

Peg Hennessy & Larry Cohn

My husband and I moved to the Central Coast of California three years ago from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He had retired several years earlier and I was just leaving the workforce. He had horses 30 years ago and I had ridden horses as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa in my very early twenties. I bought two horses there and would ride out across the desert alone and with friends. I never had any formal training. Thinking back on it, I am amazed I am still alive. We rode stallions. The people of Niger think it is criminal to neuter an animal. Arriving in California, I decided to try and duplicate the adventures on a horse that I had had in Africa. I started taking lessons on Arabians and Qu

JP and Tanner

Mindy - Thanks so very much for bringing T’s Terrible Tommy (Tanner) my way – I thought I would never find the perfect horse but I did and I owe it all to you. I was convinced I had unreasonable expectations in my mind – color, puppy dog temperament, easy, and the ability to ride lots of miles on the trail and compete in trail trials. I came home with a wonderful new gelding in mid-March and then came home with a 4th place in the State Championship Trail Trials in September and haven’t had a bad ride in between. This boy is that charming, melt your heart gelding that I described to you that I wanted. You knew that he was the right one for me. But not only did you bring Tanner to me – yo

Nancy Walsworth and Chloe’

After four years of dreaming and two years of searching, Mindy found me the perfect horse. Mindy and I met four years ago at WCRMHC all breed weekend. I remember taking a lesson from her at that time on a rocky. At that time, I already owned a Tennessee Walker, he kept me busy enough. As he has aged and I wanted a younger horse to do competitive trail and possible endurance with, I began to look at other breeds. After looking and trying to ride many other breeds, most of them non-gaited, I came back to the Rocky Mountain Horse. Mindy asked me many questions about what I was Looking for in a horse. After a short time Mindy figured out what I was looking for. After three years of looking, ……I

Susie Tautrim – DaisyMae and Joker

I found my once-in-a-lifetime horse through Mindy Smith. I did not know Mindy and was in the market for my first Rocky. I was sent her way on a recommendation. (Her name kept popping up). She saved me from buying a horse that would have been way too much for me. I told her my dream description; calmness, beauty, gentle, loving and red-chocolate with blonde mane and tail…(not too picky, am I?!) Mindy found the most beautiful filly, DaisyMae. Because Daisy would take a few years to become a trail horse, I purchased her and in the meantime, Mindy found me a GREAT, older Rocky, Joker, who has been there-done that; even passed the sheriff posse training. I have worked with Daisy almost every day

Susan and Cynthia – Charlie

Our interest in Rocky Mountains began 4 years ago, when we saw At A Boy on the front cover of the Natural Horse Vet Catalogue. We spent many hours on the internet researching the breed and began to think they were too good to be true. However, after our beloved Morgan cross died unexpectedly this October at the age of 28, we found Charlie at Mindy’s and came to realize that the breed description was indeed an understatement!! Under Mindy’s exceptional horsemanship, Charlie came to us at 3 years old with impeccable ground manners and a calmness under saddle that is absolutely incredible!! We look forward to many, many wonderful years of partnership with Charlie; not only enjoying just having

Becky Lange

It’s hard to believe that I have only known Mindy for just over a year- I feel like she’s my daughter and I have known her a lifetime. In April 2007, just after retiring I bought a warm blood cross named P. I tried to take him from the arena to the trial and was unsuccessful until I met Mindy and with her guidance I have turned Pee into a capable and reliable trail horse. Along the way Mindy introduced me to the Rockies and although I was not really looking for a new horse……I mentioned to Mindy, if you can find me a Palomino Rocky I may consider buying one. Well the next day I was the proud owner of Kato, aka Mini P. Although only 4 years old, he was so well trained, I couldn’t have asked

B Higgy and Colt

I had such a blast at Jack Brooks campout riding Colt. He did awesome. He gaits so nice it felt like we just were gliding through the forest. We rode every day and he’s in incredible shape. You can see in the picture how big his nostrils are as we stop for a drink at a stream. You are right, Mindy. Paul and he are alot a like. Paul has Superman syndrome and Colt has Superhorse syndrome. I know just how to take care of both of them :)!! Hope all is going good for you!! Thanks again, for my superhorse. I LOVE him. B Higgy

Carolyn and Mr. T

I had purchased a horse from out of state which did not work out…… Well we should say it did not work out for that horse and me. I had my husband drive the horse to Mindy to sell for me. I also knew I needed another horse. I had just retired my Arab to Idaho. Mindy and I had a few conversations and she knew exactly what I needed. Within a few months Mindy said she had a couple of horses for me to look at andride. I had been in an accident so I could not ride BUT I brought a friend of mine along and she was the one to test out what horse wouldbe best for me. This is were the story begins…….We choose a horse named Tucker (registered name Rascal). He soon became my horse in shinning armor!

Dave and Anne Sommerville

Mindy Smith has been an important addition to our equine experience. She found us the wonderful gelding, Smokey, seen in the picture with Dave and our granddaughter. Smokey has become a true member of the family. It is always her mission to match horse and rider and she did a great job with us. Additionally, when we wanted to sell another one of our horses Mindy was able to match him with the perfect situation so now both the horse and new owner are well satisfied. We first met Mindy a couple years ago when we needed some help in locking in the gait of a young mare. With Mindy’s training of both the mare and us, Mocha has become a well loved and appreciated mount. Smokey and Mocha (along wit

Candy Moore and McGuire

Hi Mindy! Everything is wonderful!! Zoom (we’re going to call him McGuire like Darcy was) survived the trip down here just fine. We walked into his stall and his neighbor huge Heather about 17 hands – had her head over the divider fence saying hi, right away. There is a continual breeze from the ocean through his stall and his roof is raised up above the others so the space seems much bigger than it really is.Sunday a.m. Bill and I got a big greeting from a dozen folks in that row soon as we showed up and then we paraded McGuire around to show off. We took him out into the dirt hills for a few minutes just to introduce him to the area. He was a tiny bit stressed but nothing to think about. H

Dianna Wade

Matchmaker, matchmaker, made me a match! Ellie is my new BBF! I never thought I could replace my Arabian I rode everywhere for 20 years, but Mindy is the matchmaker! This mare will go and go; has great heart and loves people — especially me! She is safe as can be and very willing — Thank you Mindy! Diana Wade

Doris Dyt and Gracie

My veterinarian recommended Mindy to me to find the horse of my dreams. Mindy surpassed my expectations by pairing me with one of the kindest souls I know. Gracie, my beautiful Rocky, has the sweetest disposition. She is calm, secure, and loves everyone–humans and animals. Everyone at the ranch adores her. My grandnieces love riding her–ages 6 to 10–as much as I do. When the first Rocky I tried was not the perfect fit, Mindy went out of way to find the perfect match for me. Thank you Mindy from the bottom of my heart for finding my dream horse, Gracie. I love her! Doris

Kris Barnes and Sam

Mindy Smith has the rare talent of being an excellent horsewoman and also being able to work with people and fill their needs. I purchased my Rocky Mountain horse “Silver Samurai” from her in April of 2012. Silver Samurai or “Sam” as we call him, has proven to be an amazing horse and wonderful riding partner. (I have had the joy of owning him for over a year now.) He is independent and brave on the trail and loves to go and go and go. He has the most amazing natural gait and travels as smooth as glass. Sam is friendly, trusting, has excellent ground manners, travels well, and gets along well in groups of horses. Where ever we ride people fall in love with Sam – he is quite stunning. W

Sally Cushman and MCF’s Comanche’s Moon

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of one of the best “test rides” ever, when you brought MCF’s Comanche’s Moon to Montana de Oro State Park for me to ride with the West Coast Rockies on their monthly birthday ride. A month later “Moon” became my horse and I am overdue writing this testimonial! I had been riding another gaited breed for over 20 years and wasn’t really thinking of getting a Rocky until I started to realize that my riding pals with Rockies were all having so much FUN and I was missing out! When I finally hit the wall with some of my horses’ behaviors (always having to be up front, too fast, too hot, or too bonded) my best pals conferred with Mindy about which horse wo

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