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Nancy Walsworth and Chloe’

After four years of dreaming and two years of searching, Mindy found me the perfect horse. Mindy and I met four years ago at WCRMHC all breed weekend. I remember taking a lesson from her at that time on a rocky. At that time, I already owned a Tennessee Walker, he kept me busy enough. As he has aged and I wanted a younger horse to do competitive trail and possible endurance with, I began to look at other breeds. After looking and trying to ride many other breeds, most of them non-gaited, I came back to the Rocky Mountain Horse. Mindy asked me many questions about what I was Looking for in a horse. After a short time Mindy figured out what I was looking for.

After three years of looking, ……I learned it takes a very skilled person to match a horse with a partner to be able to have a physical, fun and safe relationship. Mindy is that person! I now have Beau (26 yr. old TWH) and Chloe’ (7 yr. old RMH). I love them both. Chloe’ is perfect, she responds to what I ask her to do and is peppy and fun…. the perfect lady. None of this would have been possible without Mindy’s guidance and care in what was best for BOTH of us. I will always adore Mindy and what she does for her customers both two and four footed.

Nancy Walsworth

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