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Susie Tautrim – DaisyMae and Joker

I found my once-in-a-lifetime horse through Mindy Smith. I did not know Mindy and was in the market for my first Rocky. I was sent her way on a recommendation. (Her name kept popping up). She saved me from buying a horse that would have been way too much for me. I told her my dream description; calmness, beauty, gentle, loving and red-chocolate with blonde mane and tail…(not too picky, am I?!) Mindy found the most beautiful filly, DaisyMae. Because Daisy would take a few years to become a trail horse, I purchased her and in the meantime, Mindy found me a GREAT, older Rocky, Joker, who has been there-done that; even passed the sheriff posse training. I have worked with Daisy almost every day at least just a quick visit or a few minutes on a lead. We walk in and out of a trailer, over a few obstacles and just yesterday she crossed her first running creek! (Last year I could not even get her to go through a puddle!) On Mindy’s last training mission south she got on Daisy for the VERY first time and all went SO well I was also able to get on her back and take a few steps around. Daisy continues to be ALL that Mindy promised and MORE! Mindy is one of the MOST honest, horse-savy people on the planet and I treasure her as a trainer and as a friend.

Susie Tautrim Orella Ranch, Gaviota CA

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