Li Mei and Sparrow (Annabelle)

LiMei is still glowing and enthusiastic about Sparrow. It’s heart warming to see. (I never really understood how good it would be for our relationship as well… now — that’s just thrilling!)

- Holly Hudson-Louis

Hi this is Li Mei!,

Sparrow is doing great! I rode her today and yesterday after-school. My mom likes riding her too On Wednesday, we took Sparrow on a trail ride in the forest. I rode on a bareback pad and my mom lead her. She walked REALLY fast that day!

Before we got her, we ordered some new things at “Half Circle Ranch” including a new blue halter which looks like this color blue. Our other horses here Faye and Sparrow like each-other! Faye got used to her the day after ( Tuesday ) and they are friends =) We are happy we have Sparrow!!

- Love, Li Mei

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