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Karen Cohen and Sweet Little Magnolia

Let me tell you about Mindy Smith.

Mindy is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of horses: breeding, training, and riding but what is so extraordinary is her dedication to her clients and her stated goal of finding a horse that is a perfect match. After riding my hot and unpredictable Arabian mare for 9 years I was a bit shell shocked and ready for a calmer and saner horse. A friend told me about Mindy and we set off to Arroyo Grande to try horses. Mindy had picked out three horses from her herd that she thought would be good candidates. The three of us set off on a long trail ride switching mounts throughout the ride and I narrowed it down to two horses and came back the following week to make my decision. I picked the calmest slowest horse and took him home. After two months it was apparent that this lovely guy was just a bit too laid back for my style of riding. When I called Mindy her first excited words were “How soon can you get him back here? I have the perfect person for him!!” Wow, no guilt! I wound up riding and trying a whole new bunch of horses that day and came home with Jasper and now after trucking all over the place with this wonderful horse I do feel that I have a great match. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity, time and encouragement to go through the process of exploring and then finding the perfect equine partner.

Thanks Mindy!!

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