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JP and Tanner

Mindy -

Thanks so very much for bringing T’s Terrible Tommy (Tanner) my way – I thought I would never find the perfect horse but I did and I owe it all to you. I was convinced I had unreasonable expectations in my mind – color, puppy dog temperament, easy, and the ability to ride lots of miles on the trail and compete in trail trials. I came home with a wonderful new gelding in mid-March and then came home with a 4th place in the State Championship Trail Trials in September and haven’t had a bad ride in between. This boy is that charming, melt your heart gelding that I described to you that I wanted. You knew that he was the right one for me. But not only did you bring Tanner to me – you found the perfect homes for my other two Rockies – Derby (Classie Lassie) and Jackson Blue and I am hearing wonderful things about their new relationships and adventures. You are unique amongst equestrians and we are all lucky to have found you.

Tanner and I have ridden over 500 miles so far this year and I am looking forward to the next 9,500 plus!


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