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Carolyn and Mr. T

I had purchased a horse from out of state which did not work out…… Well we should say it did not work out for that horse and me. I had my husband drive the horse to Mindy to sell for me. I also knew I needed another horse. I had just retired my Arab to Idaho. Mindy and I had a few conversations and she knew exactly what I needed. Within a few months Mindy said she had a couple of horses for me to look at andride. I had been in an accident so I could not ride BUT I brought a friend of mine along and she was the one to test out what horse wouldbe best for me.

This is were the story begins…….We choose a horse named Tucker (registered name Rascal). He soon became my horse in shinning armor! So perfect for me, not to fast and not to slow. I nicknamed him Prince (in Training). I have now had Prince 7 months. I have chosen to call him Mr. T or Handsome. He seems to like Handsome best you know it makes him feel better! We have such a bond. He follows me everywhere and whinnies for me when I whistle. I must say we should of called him Rascal! He is into everything. I have made up toys for him from horse balls so I can keep him out of mischief. He is a great leader, there are several horses that are afraid to go on trail so Mr. T and I lead them around. We are also helping others teach their horses how to gait and not pace.

Today I can truly say we had the best day of our lives. I went down to the barn about 9ish and Mr. T was laying down. I proceeded to go in to the stall to see if he would allow me to lay down with him. Mr. T laid on his left side and I on my right. I rubbed inside his ears (he loves that), rubbed his hind leg and chest. He groomed me. Our neighbor could not believe what she was seeing. Mr. T and I groomed eachother for about 15 minutes and then I got up. I walked over to the tack box and Mr. T was right behind me.Mindy, I can not tell you what an experience this is. I did not train him. He opened up to me and allowed me in his space. Thank you so much for such a great companion.

Carolyn and Mr. T

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