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Becky Lange

It’s hard to believe that I have only known Mindy for just over a year- I feel like she’s my daughter and I have known her a lifetime. In April 2007, just after retiring I bought a warm blood cross named P. I tried to take him from the arena to the trial and was unsuccessful until I met Mindy and with her guidance I have turned Pee into a capable and reliable trail horse.

Along the way Mindy introduced me to the Rockies and although I was not really looking for a new horse……I mentioned to Mindy, if you can find me a Palomino Rocky I may consider buying one. Well the next day I was the proud owner of Kato, aka Mini P. Although only 4 years old, he was so well trained, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect companion. He is so sweet, a bit mischievous, but a joy to ride!!

Well……I was quite happy with my Big a and my Mini P’s….but still had a burning desire to try some endurance riding, but neither the Big nor Mini were long distance material. So…….once again I mentioned to Mindy my desire to try some endurance riding and once again Mindy came up with the perfect horse. I have now added M to my alphabet stable and boy is he the E-ticket ride!! My goal for M – the Tevis. And if any non- Arab horse can do it- he can!! Mindy has found me 2 perfect horses. Just be careful what you wish for around her because Mindy will find it for you. She is a magician at matching the person with the perfect horse. In addition she has turned Big P into a wonderful trail horse. But best of all she is a great friend!

Becky Lange

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