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Maureen and Honey

I have had my beautiful 4 year old mare, Honey, now for 3 months. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to actually put my words down on paper to let Mindy know how much I love this horse. She is a treasure. I recently had to relocate my horse of 10 years and felt it was the last horse for me. I told myself so many stories. “I’m older now, don’t really need a horse again?” “How would I ever replace my gelding that I had from a very young age?” “He’s just the best horse, I will never have another.”

Well, then came Mindy. Pushed by my husband, who declared I wasn’t MYSELF without a horse, I researched and found this Rocky Mtn. Breed. I knew what I wanted in a horse. So many people I would meet over the years on the trails, were riding one of “Mindy’s Rockies,” all with the same story. She’s the best. Don’t go anywhere else. So there I ended up and found my HONEY.

Many of these testimonials you will read on her website mention how Mindy fits the horse to needs of the rider. I can’t even begin to tell you how true that is. I wanted a horse that would love trails, riding solo, going to the mountains, be alert, and mostly have a sweet demeanor. After she talks to you about your needs she will pull out some horses that she believes may make the true fit. I remember looking at one horse and asking her, “what about that one?” Oh no, that would not be the horse for you. She is completely HONEST, has great INTEGRITY and won’t do you wrong by any means. If she feels that she just doesn’t have the right horse at that time you are looking, she will continue to look for you.

I was fortunate in that my PERFECT horse was right there. She was meant for me and I for her. We have made a great team in the last few months. Taking it easy at first and still remembering that she is young, but oh so willing. We ride out alone now and explore all kinds of new trails. She does love the companionship of other horses and my husband and dog! She’s really been a pleasure and we are enjoying learning about each other.

Don’t look anywhere else if it’s a Rocky you are interested in. Really.

- Maureen Wallace

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